Egypt Emphasizes the Need of Establishing Legal Immigration Routes to Europe

Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, met with EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson in Cairo on Monday to discuss bilateral collaboration in the fight against illegal immigration. 

Shoukry referred to the Egyptian government’s comprehensive strategy to deal with diverse migratory flows, as well as its international involvement in discussions on how to reinforce additional positive measures on migrants. 

He goes on to explain that the Egyptian government had taken a human rights-based approach to migrants and refugees, allowing them to integrate into Egyptian society while eliminating all forms of discrimination against them. He also emphasized the significance of establishing authorized immigration channels to Europe as a means of combating illegal immigration. 

In light of the necessity for a skilled Egyptian market in Europe, the two parties agreed to increase their collaboration in order to promote legal migration routes. 

Shoukry addressed Egypt’s approach for combating illegal immigration, emphasizing the importance of addressing the core causes, promoting genuine travel paths, and assisting refugees. 

He reflected on Egypt’s efforts, which have resulted in the country hosting more than 6 million refugees and migrants who have access to all services available to Egyptian citizens, making it a model in this regard. 

Ylva Johansson, European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs, praised Egypt’s efforts in the fight against illegal immigration and in hosting refugees and migrants, emphasizing the EU’s support for Egypt in this respect and the importance of cooperation between the two sides. 

Minister Shoukry met with Moussa Al-Kony, Vice President of the Libyan Presidential Council, later on, Monday. 

Egypt’s entire commitment to establishing stability pillars in Libya and contributing to the attainment of comprehensive development goals was reiterated by Minister Shoukry. 

Shoukry stated that Cairo will make every effort to realize the desires of the Libyan people for a secure and prosperous state, eradicating all forms of illegal foreign presence, and imposing Libyan national institutions’ sovereignty over the rest of the country’s land. 

The Foreign Minister also emphasized the importance of holding presidential and parliamentary elections on the scheduled date next month as a critical step toward finalizing the Libyan brothers’ political road map and preventing Libya from falling into vicious cycles of security and political instability. 

The biggest hurdle to obtaining a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan problem is the departure of all foreign soldiers, as well as mercenaries and foreign fighters. 

Al-Kony, for one, expressed gratitude for Egypt’s involvement in promoting peace in Libya, as well as the progress made in bilateral relations at various levels. He also emphasized his desire to make better use of Egypt’s diverse knowledge in numerous fields and to continue striving to transmit it to Libya in order to progress development in a way that benefits both nations’ and peoples’ interests.