Egypt Celebrates 76 Years of Close Cooperation and Partnership with UN

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ headquarters lit up Thursday evening on the occasion of United Nations Day, which falls on October 24, as part of Egypt’s celebrations of 76 years of strategic partnership and cooperative cooperation with the UN. 

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has lit up its iconic office tower in downtown Cairo, which overlooks the east bank of the Nile, with the world organization’s two-letter acronym “UN” and “76” gracefully displayed across the entire building’s façade.  

The illumination was one of several activities and events held in Egypt in conjunction with the UN system to commemorate the UN’s 76th anniversary. 

The United Nations Day is an annual commemoration of the United Nations Charter’s coming into force in 1945. The United Nations was established with the approval of that foundational agreement, and it has been working to make the world a better place ever since. 

Egypt is a founding member of the United Nations and has been a significant multilateral participant since 1945. Egypt has been elected to the Security Council five times and is one of the largest contributors to peacekeeping forces. Egypt has chaired a number of UN bodies, including the UN Peacekeeping Commission, as well as the Group of 77 at the United Nations in both New York and Rome in 2018. Egypt also hosts over 38 United Nations offices, making it one of the UN’s largest regional centers.