Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 jolts China’s Yunnan province

An earthquake shook south-western China’s Yunnan province in the evening of May 18 that has claimed the lives of four people and injured 23 others.

The government of the Yunnan province in a statement released on its social media account stated that the shallow quake in Qiaojia county struck late evening of May 18.

China’s government seismology authority stated that the quake hit near the city of Zhaotong, with a population of over six million, and registered 5.0-magnitude.

Authorities confirmed that rescue teams including firefighters had been sent to 16 townships.

The mountainous western and southwestern regions of China are often jolted by quakes causing damage of lives and property. Earlier in 2019, a strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake in Sichuan province killed 13 and injured nearly 200 people, while another powerful earthquake of 7.9-magnitude in the same province in 2008 left 87,000 people dead or missing.

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