Drone flying trials in Poland are one step closer to achieving EU-wide urban air mobility

As part of the EU-funded Uspace4UAM project, an initial set of test flights with drones has begun in Poland. The first of these trials are currently ongoing in Rzeszów, a city with a population of almost 200 thousand people. 

Three Uspace4UAM consortium members are conducting the tests: Dronehub, a manufacturer of drone-in-a-box solutions for automated monitoring and data collecting, Honeywell, a drone equipment and sensor supplier and Altitude Angel, a drone software technology company.  

During the first phase, around 160 flights will be carried out in the Rzeszów area, with three scenarios of autonomous drones flying for public service missions. The first scenario will involve emergency aerial monitoring of accident sites, the second will involve the transportation of automated external defibrillators for use in life-threatening situations, and the third will replicate the transportation of ortho- and photogrammetric photos for public institutions. 

Drone flights will be conducted in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Spain, in addition to Poland, as part of research to securely integrate autonomous drone flights into Europe’s airspace. 

Photo Credit : https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1446053