Doctors files case against the Zimbabwe Government

A lawsuit has been filed by the doctors of Zimbabwe against the government over their demands of coronavirus protection for public hospitals and healthcare workers. The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) is leading the case.

The doctors filed an application at the High Court stating that the government had failed to set in place “measures to ensure that health practitioners across the country, who include nurses, nurse aides and pharmacists among others, are adequately protected”.

The doctors confirmed that there was a “dire shortage” of ventilators, oxygen tanks, biohazard suits and N95 facemasks. The ZADHR also complained of the scarcity of quarantine and isolation facilities in the country and criticized the inadequacy of screening facilities to detect people having symptoms.

The crumbled healthcare facilities of Zimbabwe lack the availability of basic drugs and amenities including drinking water facilities and by far there is only one COVID-19 test centre, situated at a government hospital in the capital Harare.

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