Despite escalated tensions, Hezbollah dismisses prospects of escalation of violence with Israel

Despite escalated tension in the last week, the Deputy Chief of Lebanon’s powerful Hezbollah movement on July 27, dismissed prospects of escalated violence with Israel.

Confirming the same, Sheikh Naim Qassem said, “The atmosphere does not indicate a war … It’s unlikely, the atmosphere of war in the next few months.” adding further, he said, “There is no change of rules of engagement, and the deterrent equation with Israel exists, and we are not planning to change it.”

As tensions increased along Israel’s frontier with Syria and Lebanon after a Hezbollah operative was killed in an apparent Israeli strike on the edge of Damascus last week, the Israeli military has strengthened and fostered its forces on the northern front and had also said that the drone crashed due to technical glitch and that it did not intend to kill the operative.

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