Cuba reiterates commitment to the Non-Aligned Movement

Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez has endorsed Cuba’s commitment to multilateralism within the Non-Aligned Movement.  He tweeted on January 7 that “ The NAM has rejected unilateral coercive measures that prevent confrontation  cash at #COVID19 and promotes solidarity and international cooperation. In 2020,#Cuba supported the Movement and endorsed its commitment to non-alignment and multilateralism”. 

The term “unilateral coercive measures” usually refers to economic measures taken by one State to compel a change in the policy of another State. Examples of such measures include trade sanctions in the form of embargoes and the interruption of financial and investment flows between sender and target countries. More recently, so-called “smart” or “targeted” sanctions such as asset freezing and travel bans have been employed by individual States in order to influence persons who are perceived to have political influence in another State. 

The Non-Aligned Movement has taken a principled stand against unilateral coercive measures and has rejected the unilateral exercise by certain countries of extra-territorial criminal and civil jurisdiction of national courts not emanating from international treaties and other obligations arising from international law, including international humanitarian law.

NAM has expressed its concerned on the enactment of politically motivated domestic laws directed against other States, and stressed the negative impact of such measures on the rule of international law as well as on international relations, and called for the immediate cessation of all such measures. 

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