Creating Sustainable Communities to Improve Quality of Life for Families in Mexico

In the race to Net Zero, sustainable cities are critical, and Comvive, a Mexican housing developer, is on a mission to create communities that meet both environmental and social goals. 

The organization has constructed over 3,000 homes and has pledged to incorporate all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a series of interconnected global goals devised by the United Nations. Its vision is in line with the UN 2030 Agenda, and it became a signatory to the UN Global Compact Initiative in 2019. 

Mexico faces a huge task in the coming decade to construct sustainable and resilient cities, with 40 % of its 130 million people still living in poverty. Over the previous 15 years, the public and private sectors have collaborated to build and finance more than 8.5 million homes, but an additional 14 million units, or 34 % of the country’s total inventory, are required to meet the country’s high housing demand. 

Demands will only rise as the global population continues to rise; by 2050, 82 % of the people in Latin America and the Caribbean will live in cities, up from 41 % in 1950. 

Sustainable communities are critical since cities consume 72 % of the world’s energy and emit 60 % of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is critical to understand how to build dwellings that are Net-Zero. Between now and 2050, city populations will quadruple, and if we do not build cities that are consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals, humanity will be unable to achieve net-zero. 

The company’s sustainability plan encompasses the three axes of environmental innovation, social impact, and economic sustainability, and it is taken into account throughout the development process, beginning with the location of the building. 

The International Finance Corporation named Comvive an Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) champion last month. 

With assistance from the German Development Bank, they’re currently working on another 1,000 energy-efficient homes, with plans to expand into additional regional markets in the future.