COVID-19 vaccination program to take place in three phases in Thailand

Thailand government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri has said that Thailand’s vaccination programme will be divided into three phases, with priority given to healthcare workers, the elderly and the seriously ill. 

 The Bangkok Post reports that n the first phase, while the availability of vaccines is limited, priority will be given to frontline medical personnel and health workers; people with severe acute respiratory syndrome, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, stroke or cerebrovascular disease; those with cancer, diabetes and obesity; the elderly aged 60 years and over; and personnel involved in Covid-19 control that come into contact with patients. 

In the second phase, once greater supplies of vaccines arrive, they will be administered to non-frontline medical and health personnel; health officials at risk of being infected with Covid-19; people with jobs that place them in contact with a large number of people; and those who involved in international travel “with the purpose of maintaining the country’s social and economic security”. In the third phase, vaccines will be given to the general population to bring the country back to normality. 

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