Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Belarus to release blogger arrested a week ago

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on Belarus to release a blogger who was arrested a week ago. The committee has also asked Belarus to allow him and other reporters to freely a safely capture the presidential elections scheduled for Sunday, August 9. The blogger, named Evgeniy Vasilkov who works as a mechanic was accused of writing a slogan used by Lukashenko critics on road signs.

Denying the charge, Vasilkov said that his arrest was retaliatory because of his support for an opposition candidate.

“President Aleksandr Lukashenko wants an election to put a veneer of legitimacy on his longstanding leadership, but he is achieving the reverse by harassing and detaining journalists up and down the country who are trying to cover his opposition,” said organization’s Europe and Central Asia program coordinator in New York, Gulnoza.

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