Climate Agreement between US and China to Tackle Climate Change

Activists and politicians have greeted the surprising revelation that the US and China would collaborate to combat climate change with caution. The EU and the UN have praised the declaration as a positive step forward, but Greenpeace believes the two countries must demonstrate a stronger commitment to achieving climate targets. 

The US-China declaration was made as COP26 in Glasgow neared its conclusion, with the two countries – the world’s two largest CO2 emitters – vowing to increase climate cooperation over the next decade. The global rivals said they will work together to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C warming goal. 

Despite promises to invest in green energy, many governments continue to fund the fossil fuel industry, which is one of the key sources of global warming due to emissions. It is estimated that the world spends more than $420 billion (£313 billion) a year subsidizing non-renewable energy. 

With only a few days till the conclusion of COP26, the UK government intends to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a variety of ways, including a fresh push toward electric vehicles. The UK has made progress in reducing emissions since 1990, but there is still a debate whether this plan will be sufficient to fulfill the 2050 objective. They’ve It has already been pointed out that eating less meat and reducing air travel demand, both major producers of emissions, aren’t included.