Circumcision May Reduce HIV-AIDS Among Males

2nd September 2013

Male circumcision may substantially reduce chances that men will contract AIDS during heterosexual intercourse, according to a study by French researchers. Conducted in South Africa, the research concluded that circumcision cut the risk of female to male transmission by 65 percent along more than 3,000 unaffected men aged 18-24 in Orange Farm, Guateng province, where 32 percent of the females are HIV positive. Dr. Bertrand Auvert, who .coordinated the study by France’s National AIDS Research Agency, said” it had been suspected that male circumcision prevented AIDS but that this is the first random study of the correlation using control trials.  For the study, conducted between 2002 and 2005, about half of the 3,000 healthy, sexually active males, were circumcised by medical professionals and the rest remained uncircumcised. While all of the men were given counseling on AIDS prevention, after 21 months, 51 members of the uncircumcised group had contracted HIV, the AIDS virus, compared with only 18 members of the circumcised group.

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