Cholera outbreak in Cameroon kills 12

A cholera outbreak has augmented the problems of the people of Cameroon that has already been battling with the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

The local health authorities on July 8, confirmed that a cholera outbreak has killed 12 people in the fishing village of Londji in south Cameroon.

The officials also announced 62 confirmed cases out of 83 suspected ones in the village located about 15 km from Cameroon’s seaside resort town of Kribi. The epidemic in Londji has been blamed upon poor hygiene conditions and promiscuity by the concerned officials.

In order to deal with the health crisis and curb the spread of the disease, South Regional Governor Felix Nguele Nguele said that a major vaccination will soon begin in the village.

Felix Nguele Nguele said, “We need to act urgently. The situation is disturbing.” He added that the fishermen in the village will be relocated as “a precautionary measure”.

The cholera epidemic was first detected in June after the sudden death of four villagers with cholera-related symptoms.

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