Chinese President Xi Jinping attends national mourning ceremony for Coronavirus Victims

Leading other leaders as well, Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Saturday, April 4 formed part of a national mourning ceremony for the victims of the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

At the ceremony Xi Jinping, Wang Huning, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Han Zheng, Wang Yang, Zhao Leji and Wang Qishan stood in silence for three minutes in the Zhongnanhai leadership compound in Beijing as they paid silent tribute in front of the national flag. The members of the public across the country also observed a moment of silence. This comes for the first time that a major public health emergency has led to a nationwide mourning.

Fourteen people who died in their fights with the novel Coronavirus in China’s Hubei Province have been honoured as martyrs.

With a total of 81, 639 confirmed cases of COVID-19, China has reported 3,326 deaths, as per the information shared by the National Health Commission on Saturday. April 4.

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