Chinese Premier Li Keqiang warns not to veil new COVID-19 cases

In a major development in its efforts to fight the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, when the country reported several days of no locally transmitted infections, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has warned local officials not to veil the new Coronavirus cases, if emerge.

As per an official government statement, the Chinese Premier said to the senior officials tasked with the efforts to fight the deadly pandemic, “Being open and transparent means a new case must be reported once it’s discovered. It is what it is. There must be no concealing or underreporting.”

The country’s second-in-command, Li, who was appointed the head of a central government task force – or a “central leading group” as it is called in China’s efforts to fight the Coronavirus in January this year, appealed to the local governments to “seek truth from facts” and be “open and transparent” in giving out information on the pandemic.

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