Chinese masks fail quality check: Netherland recalls shipment from China

In the midst of the spread of the pandemic COVID-19, the compromise on the part of quality of medical kits and masks imported from China has been the new red mark in the crisis.

France’s Health Minister Olivier Veran has announced that he had ordered more than a billion masks, notably from China, to help the country fight the coronavirus pandemic. But to the disappointment on the quality of the masks, the Dutch officials have recalled tens of thousands of masks imported from China, as confirmed by the Health Minister.

The statement added, the first delivery from China was received on March 21 and when inspected it failed the quality check. Despite a part of the shipment being distributed to hospitals and health professionals numbering to about 600,000 FFP2 masks of the shipment of 1.3 million masks, the distribution of the rest of the consignment has been put on hold.

The statement from the Health Ministry stated, “A second test also revealed that the masks did not meet the quality norms. Now it has been decided not to use any of this shipment”.

The shipment from China has been recalled by the Netherland authorities.  

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