Chinese company to replace faulty coronavirus test kits sent to Spain

On March 27, after Spanish health authorities complained that the coronavirus test kits sent by a Chinese company, Shenzhen Bioeasy Technology did not work as promised, the company has offered to replace thousands of faulty coronavirus test kits.

Spain struggles to have the world’s second highest COVID-19 death toll and is struggling to cope with more than 64,000 cases of COVID-19 and more than 4,900 deaths.

According to Health Minister Salvador Illa, the first shipment of 640,000 test kits was found to have “insufficient sensibility” to reliably identify infected patients. He added that 58,000 kits had been returned.

In defence, the Shenzhen Bioeasy Technology has attributed the incorrect results to be the resultant of a failure to collect samples or use the kits correctly. It added that there was a failure in part of communication with over its proper usage and assured to resend them “assuring the sensitivity and specificity needed to help Spain fight against COVID-19”.

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