China’s Resolution Advocating People-Centred Development for Human Rights is Approved by UN

At its 47th session on Tuesday, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed China’s resolution on “The contribution of development to the enjoyment of all human rights,” which emphasizes the right to development and the goal of development being to promote people’s well-being. 

According to Ambassador Chen Xu, permanent representative of China to the United Nations office in Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland, development is the key to solving all issues, since it is the perennial theme of human society. Human rights can only be better promoted and protected with more development. 

He goes on to state that, currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading over the world, wreaking havoc on economies, social progress, and human rights in all countries. We must enhance our solidarity and collaboration in the face of these significant problems, and fight together to overcome the pandemic. Simultaneously, we must strongly support sustainable development and, in particular, increase efforts to eliminate poverty in order to combat the pandemic’s detrimental impact on people’s lives in all nations. 

The resolution encourages all countries to pursue development that is led by, for, and for the people. It recognizes that growth and the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms are intertwined and mutually reinforcing, and it calls on all governments to pursue sustainable development in order to ensure that all people have equal opportunities for development. 

Many countries, including Venezuela, Cuba, and Pakistan, delivered comments thanking China for delivering this important draught resolution and emphasizing the importance of growth for all countries, particularly developing ones. To promote sustainable development, alleviate poverty and injustice, and preserve human rights, all countries should cooperate together. 

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