China’s Hubei Province resumes normalcy, after two-month lockdown

After almost two months of lockdown, one of the worst hit COVID-19 regions in China, Hubei Province, on Wednesday, March 25, lifted its lockdown, ushering in a moment waiting for long, for those stranded in the province.

The second-most populous city in Hubei with 7.5 million people, Huanggang is reported to have the second-highest number of confirmed cases, after the provincial capital Wuhan, at one point of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.

The city’s highways have now been opened and at least 2,000 vehicles have left in the morning, according to the city’s transport department.

The move does not come to be an easy one as the lockdown for two months has adversely affected the daily lives of 60 million residents in the province. As the overall situation has come to an ease in Hubei Province, it is time for those stranded to finally get out of the city and go home.

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