Child Abuse and Non-Aligned Solutions

It’s been decades that the Non-Aligned Movement has been assisting every developing nation in all sorts of problems. A feeling to feed the needy and to see the developing nations fly has always been among the top priorities of NAM. From top to the bottom of the world map, one thing that makes every single location different irrespective of its geography is how the life is perceived and run economically, culturally, technically and socially. NAM always makes progressive efforts of preventing the lives of people from getting detracted.
Things that generally cause fear in an individual are the ones generated within. Child Abuse is also one of them. It is the most dangerous deterrent to the future of children who get gutted in the flames of physical and emotional humiliation. The devil has long been chasing the developing countries of the world and also weakening the pillars of humanity. Lack of education and mannerism are the most common reasons among the people who commit such crimes; which nearly hit 89% of children worldwide, according to a world survey. The situation of children in under-developed countries seems to be more critical because of backwardness in certain things.
NAM has always played a dynamic role in helping and solving the problems of developing nations. Being the most active organization that works for the cause of the under-developed, the role of NAM could be a stepping stone in the fight against child abuse. The principles that define NAM’s credibility and its role can well be cushioned by its members. The collective approach of eradicating exploitation and bringing about political, social and cultural peace can help combat these problems.
This problem is the epitome of societal deterioration and is one of the major barriers in the development of countries. The act of engaging children in full-day work for personal gains of the employers restricts their cultural and educational growth as they don’t know that they have a world to explore yet. The pressure exerted on them makes them go through all sorts of psychological stress and emotional imbalances, which lead them to engage in illegal acts like drug trafficking and prostitution.
Around 15 million children are reported to be engaged in prostitution or forced into the same. This not only hampers their overall growth but they also end up with mental disorders which they have to battle their whole lives. Some of the most commonly done activities are ignored in the homes like demotivating a child over studies, exposure to the pornography, touching of the genitals, lack of understanding in the emotional need of children and the most important educational needs. Due to this, around 2.5 million children suffer from disabilities around the world and some end up committing suicide.
These social evils could be analyzed and fairly put to an end if the principles and values by NAM are applied to every affected region in the developing countries. With its increasing horizons, NAM is broadening up its approach and keeping its fingers on the pulse by figuring out the stone blocking the stream of development. “According to some studies, poverty, lack of education and low income are the reasons why child abuse is increasing around the world. It is very hard for the poor to stand and bear the shocks of price-hike and other fluctuations. In order to keep their lives on track NAM has the potential to empower every single child and make them lead a better life.
With the turning pages of calendar, NAM modifies its working procedures according to the amendments introduced in the system. The rotation of summits is well scheduled according to the ongoing change in the system of counties. Every summit is backed up by some promise and effective efforts to help delete the scarcity from every means. NAM is expected to put its full efforts to help the underprivileged in leading a healthy life.

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