Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, a former Israeli Chief Rabbi has died of COVID-19 on April 12 in a Jerusalem hospital. His death was attributed to complications from the respiratory virus, COVID-19. His death was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Tragically, Rabbi Bakshi-Doron contractedContinue Reading

Those who failed to adhere to the quarantine and isolation measures put at place by the UAE authorities to curb the spread of the COVID-19 have been referred to the Attorney-General. The total number of people who have endangered the lives of the larger public with their negligence totals toContinue Reading

A large reserve of militants’ ammunition has been discovered in the area of ​​the village of Khan al-Sabil, in Idlib Province by the Syrian Army. The village of Khan al-Sabil, in Idlib Province is located next to the M5 highway. The M5 highway connects Damascus and Aleppo. The discovered largeContinue Reading

Iraq’s oil field in the main southern city of the Burjesia area of Basra has been targeted by rockets on April 6. Officials of the region has confirmed that a total of three rockets landed near the site of a foreign oil field. The authorities in charge of the investigationContinue Reading

Releasing prisoners to solve the issue of overcrowding in the prison cells has been one of the measures adopted by several countries amidst the challenges posted by the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19. Iran too has resorted to it. Iran amidst the COVID-19 concern has already freed 100,000 prisoners onContinue Reading

A prisoner for women in the southwestern province of Taiz was attacked by Houthi rebels on April 5 that killed about six prisoners. The news was confirmed by officials of the Yemeni government. The attack on the central prison, also wounded at least two dozen prisoners, including four children, stayingContinue Reading

Saudi Arabia is taking all measures at hand to help save its people from socio-economic burden because of the pandemic COVID-19. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in his latest decisions have ordered his government to take care of 60 percent of the Saudi employees’ salaries for a period of three monthsContinue Reading

Making a history by breaking its own previous record, for the first time Saudi Arabia pumped more than 12 million barrels of oil on April 1. Saudi Arabia’s previous record stand at about 11 million barrels that was achieved only recently. The news was confirmed by the officials at SaudiContinue Reading

The Iranian government to avoid public gathering has cancelled the celebration of Nature Day on April 1. The celebration was marked by silence with the parks and green lodges across the country remaining closed. Iran is following social distancing since March 17 and will continue till April 8 and allContinue Reading

With sudden travel restriction imposed by countries globally, several of Emirati citizens have been trapped in different corners of the world. So as to fulfil its responsibilities for its citizens, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MoFAIC, has taken all necessary measures to evacuate Emirati citizens and theirContinue Reading