A UN panel paid Kuwait’s national oil company $600 million on Tuesday as compensation for Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait three decades ago. Since assessing over 1.5 million claims connected to the invasion by states and international organizations in 2005, the United Nations Compensation Commission says it has paidContinue Reading

On Tuesday, Egypt’s government and the United Nations (UN) began national consultations in Egypt on the development of the new UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for 2023-2027. The Egyptian side of the talks is being led by Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat, and the meeting is being held inContinue Reading

Qatar has announced that a UN commission has given it preliminary approval to regulate its own airspace, months after resolving a dispute with its neighbours.  Qatar stated on Tuesday that the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has granted it authority “in principle” to establish its own Flight Information Region (FIR)Continue Reading

Russia has proposed to the United Nations Security Council that it extend assistance access into Syria from Turkey for six months in response to a rival move by Western council members to extend the long-running U.N. cross-border aid operation for another year.  After refusing to participate in weeks of negotiationsContinue Reading

Saudi Arabia’s Alfanar has purchased wind turbine manufacturer Senvion India from Senvion GmbH, attracted by India’s green economy.  Alfanar, based in Riyadh, has 480 megawatts (MW) of operational wind generating projects in Europe, India, and West Asia, as well as 1.67 gigawatts (GW) in various phases of construction.  This comprises 600 MW of capacity gained inContinue Reading

A draught UN Security Council resolution circulated on Friday would allow humanitarian aid to be sent to Syria over Turkey and Iraq’s borders, but Syria’s close ally Russia holds the key to its approval. The UN, the US, and others have put pressure on Russia, claiming that closing all borderContinue Reading

Bashar Al Assad has been re-elected the President of Syria for a 4th term.  The result of the Presidential elections  was a landslide victory for Assad, who received over 95.1% of votes. Abdullah Sallum Abdullah and Mahmoud Ahmad Marei were two of Assad’s main rival candidates in the election.   14.2 million people went to the polls, a turnout rateContinue Reading

In a dramatic incident that send shockwaves across the world, a Ryanair flight FR4978 carrying passengers from Athens to Vilnius was diverted to the Belarusian capital Minsk under the escort of a Mig-29 fighter jet. Activist Roman Pratasevich, who is a critic of the Belarus government was detained by Belarusian authorities.  The Belarusian presidential pressContinue Reading

Qatar has said it supports an internationally backed political process in Libya. “We support the UN-sponsored political process in the hope that it preserves the territorial integrity of Libya and prevents foreign interference in its affairs,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said on a visit to the LibyanContinue Reading

After a ceasefire was declared ending 11 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas, fresh cases broke out between the Palestinian protesters and Israeli police at the Al Aqsa Mosque.  Police fired stun grenades and tear gas at protesters while and Palestinians hurled rocks and at least one firebomb at officers.  IsraeliContinue Reading