The distribution of REACT-EU resources for the year 2022 has been released by the Commission. All 27 Member States now have around €11 billion (in current prices) available for Cohesion policy programming. These monies will be added to the nearly €40 billion set aside in 2021. Member States will beContinue Reading

The UK has set the world’s most ambitious climate change target of Net Zero by 2050. The revised aim was published in law in June 2021, and it would reduce emissions by 78 percent, putting the UK more than three-quarters of the way to Net Zero by 2035.  Given thatContinue Reading

After a committee of MEPs approved proposed rule amendments, the European Union is one step closer to imposing new controls on digital goliaths.  The Digital Markets Act (DMA) establishes the limitations that ‘gatekeepers,’ such as social media corporations and search engines, can impose on other businesses and customers.  The DMA,Continue Reading

Women’s and girls’ rights have rarely been challenged as severely as they have been in Afghanistan. The most recent events are really concerning. Future EU development support to Afghanistan will be conditional on the international legal framework and human rights principles, particularly women’s and girls’ rights, being respected. The EUContinue Reading

The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Council of Europe are collaborating to create European Cultural Routes.  They’ll look into the potential for cultural routes to contribute to long-term tourism growth and cultural heritage.  The partnership will also emphasize the routes’ potential to promote social, economic, and cultural development. Continue Reading

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a public health concern in Armenia, as it is in many other nations throughout the world. The country has made steps to prevent the spread of AMR by developing a national action plan in 2015 and clinical recommendations in 2020.  Armenia has been making significant progressContinue Reading

Following Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s visit to the two Eastern European countries this week, the British government established new defense agreements with Poland and Ukraine.  The Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM) and launcher from MBDA have been chosen as the core of Poland’s multibillion-dollar NAREW air defense system program which is being developedContinue Reading

 Five of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies believe that the best way for Europe to defend and develop its position in the global 5G and 6G sector is to build a broad and deep open radio access network (Open RAN) ecosystem. They urge policymakers, EU member states, and industry stakeholders to work togetherContinue Reading

While there are reasons for optimism in the European tourist sector following a strong summer season, speakers at the European Tourism Forum in Brdo pri Kranju on Wednesday agreed that the sector must become more robust, sustainable, and digitalized before it can fully recover.  Economy Minister Zdravko Poivalek noted that last year’s COVID-19 pandemic froze the touristContinue Reading

This week, UK ministers are set to announce a new £1 trillion annual export target in an effort to highlight the advantages of leaving the European Union.  Politicians will have the opportunity to flex Britain’s muscles outside of the single market at a trade summit this week in London, withContinue Reading