Sweden’s government lifted its opposition to a planned EU regulation to enhance wage protections in member countries on Friday, claiming that the new rules would not jeopardize the country’s extensively utilized collective bargaining process.  It was a noteworthy step because Sweden, along with Denmark, has been one of the mostContinue Reading

 The European Union’s Telecommunications Ministers agreed on measures for a high shared level of cybersecurity across the union, including a new directive.   the plan intends to increase the resilience and incident response capacities of both the public and commercial sectors, as well as the EU as a whole, at a news conference followingContinue Reading

By 2035, all new vehicles sold in Western Europe Toyota Motor Corp will be zero-emission versions, as the world’s largest manufacturer complies with the region’s stricter pollution laws.  Toyota by 2030 hopes that at least half of its model mix, including electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell cars, will be zero-emission.  Toyota, likeContinue Reading

Integra Biosciences has begun expanding its headquarters in Zizers, Switzerland, in order to accommodate 400 people. The Integra Campus, a 30,000 m2 location for creativity and innovation with provision for 250 new employment by 2028, will be developed as part of the strategic move, which will cost over 100 million Swiss francs.  TheContinue Reading

Ukraine has passed a new National Mental Health Action Plan, paving the way for better mental health care in the country. The new plan, which was approved by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers in October 2021, would involve the integration of mental health services into general health care and theContinue Reading

The use of ferrous scrap has remained a hot topic in the push to make the European steel industry more circular, with the region’s abundant raw material resources being a key advantage.   The EU is the world’s greatest exporter of ferrous scrap, with 17.4 million mt exported in 2020, as well asContinue Reading

By 2027, the EU seeks to raise 300 billion euros (US$340 billion) in public and private infrastructure investments to provide a viable alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  The EU’s “Global Gateway” project, which was presented yesterday, lays out spending plans for digital infrastructure, transportation, energy, and health initiatives. Continue Reading

The president of the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that a head start may not be in Europe’s favor as the EU launched its €2 billion cooperation with industry to expedite research and development in green hydrogen.  Fatih Birol, the IEA’s executive director, reminded the audience that Europe was the firstContinue Reading

Poland plans to build a fleet of smaller nuclear power plants to help it transition away from coal. Rolls-Royce is being tasked by the British government with producing low-cost modular reactors to supplement wind and solar energy. In France, President Emmanuel Macron intends to expand the country’s massive nuclear program. Continue Reading

According to the cliché, Europe is born out of crises. However, this has proven to be inaccurate over the last decade. As the world trembled, current European Union structures and policies were repeatedly unable to cope, and European politics merely continued as before. EU leaders appeared incapable or unwilling to leadContinue Reading