Toiling on the fringes, without any job security or decent wages, the already difficult lives of daily workers have landed into more harder and hazardous situation due to Coronavirus pandemic that has rattled the entire world. In a move to help these “informal workers”, a group of university students inContinue Reading

In the wake of the nationwide lockdown in Nepal imposed in a move to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus or COVID-19, hundreds of trekkers remain stranded on high-altitude trekking trails across the country. A “Stranded in Nepal” website, Twitter, and WhatsApp has been set up by the Nepal TourismContinue Reading

The nature is on the surge as despite the globe suffering enough because of the coronavirus outbreak and the World Health Organisation declaring it as the pandemic, several natural disasters have been further complicating the situation. The Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted on March 27 sending ash some five kilometresContinue Reading

In a sign of progress for the United States-brokered peace deal, the government of Afghanistan, late on Thursday, March 26, announced formation of a 21-member team to negotiate with the Taliban. The move came a day after the Afghan government and the Taliban agreed on a partial prisoner exchange atContinue Reading

In a major development in its efforts to fight the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, when the country reported several days of no locally transmitted infections, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has warned local officials not to veil the new Coronavirus cases, if emerge. As per an official government statement, the Chinese PremierContinue Reading

In its efforts to fight against the global Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, Maldives has decided to temporarily suspend issuance of visas upon arrival for all inbound tourists either by air or sea. During his address to the press conference in Male, President Ibrahim Solih said that beginning March 27, foreigners,Continue Reading

After almost two months of lockdown, one of the worst hit COVID-19 regions in China, Hubei Province, on Wednesday, March 25, lifted its lockdown, ushering in a moment waiting for long, for those stranded in the province. The second-most populous city in Hubei with 7.5 million people, Huanggang is reportedContinue Reading

In an effort to calm the financial markets that have been rattled by the global Coronavirus pandemic, South Korea’s central bank has said to temporarily provide an “unlimited” amount of financial assistance to eligible banks and other financial institutions for next three months through repurchase agreements. Saying on Thursday, MarchContinue Reading

Opposition leader Khaleda Zia has been freed from jail by the government of Bangladesh on March 24 for six months so as to get medical treatment. Khaleda Zia has been in prison for last two years. She has been sentenced to 10 years in jail on graft charges, and alsoContinue Reading

Religious minorities have always been the easy target of extremist forces operating within the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the recent attack on a Sikh religious compound in the capital city of Kabul in Afghanistan on March 25. By far, no organisation or individual has claimed responsibility for theContinue Reading