The coronavirus pandemic has already complicated the food shortage crisis of the West Africa nations and is estimated to augment further. Per the statistics provided by the United Nations, more than 19 million people in the assessed 17 West African countries will go hungry during the upcoming lean season betweenContinue Reading

Rumours spread like forest-fire and have similar devastating effects sometimes. A group of researchers from the National Statistical Office, accused of being vampires as they were collecting blood samples of participants as a part of their survey, were attacked by a mob in the northern district of Nkhata-Bay. The policeContinue Reading

Former Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein, popular as Nur Adde, has died of coronavirus at a London hospital on April 1 at around 5:00 a.m. The news was confirmed by Nur Adde’s family. He will be buried in London itself because of safety concerns regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.Continue Reading

The outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus has left countries worldwide to ponder upon the economic burden it will and is positing. The economic slowdown will mostly affect the developing nations and poor countries and will take development on a downward slide. Per the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, theContinue Reading

Understanding the limitations posited by the COVID-19 outbreak, the general elections has been postponed in Ethiopia which was earlier scheduled to take place in the month of August. The news has been confirmed by the national election board on March 31. The decision of the national election board has beenContinue Reading

The streets of Soweto are quietened to an extent amidst the COVID-19 lockdown with the ordinary days hustle and bustle taking a back seat. But Soweto is still struggling to practice complete social distancing as hundreds of people line up to stock up on essential supplies from the supermarkets. DespiteContinue Reading

Amidst the ongoing 21-day COVID-19 lockdown in the country of South Africa, the nation so as to relax the burden on social grant beneficiaries collecting their funds has decided to allow bus and taxi service to resume for this week. South Africa is providing social grants to the elderly, childrenContinue Reading

Adding to the list of dead because of the novel coronavirus, the Former President of the Republic of Congo, Jacques Joaquim Yhombi Opango died at a Paris hospital in France on March 30. The news was confirmed by his son Jean-Jacques. Yhombi Opango was born in Congo’s northern Cuvette regionContinue Reading

The war-torn West African country, Mali underwent polls for the Parliamentary election on March 30 amidst the corona crisis affecting most of the nations globally bringing countries to a standstill. The pandemic also instilled a sense of panic and fear about the vote. The parliamentary election was held to electContinue Reading

In a massive blow to the rivals of President Alpha Conde, Guinea has voted to back a contested new Constitution that spur mass demonstrations killing about 32 people. The opposition had reservation about the reforms to the Constitution and considered it to be a ploy to extend the grip onContinue Reading