The Nairobi Declaration, signed by African ministers and chiefs of delegations on November 19, 2021, emphasized the importance of delivering pledges on the Sendai Framework’s Programme of Action (PoA).  This contained action plans for implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) from 2015 to 2030, as part of the PoA.  TheContinue Reading

Due to training in utilizing geospatial data for disaster response, the State of Puntland in northeastern Somalia has improved its data capacity in the face of COVID-19 and tropical Cyclone Gati.  Abdirisak Adan, Head, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Puntland Statistics Department (PSD), highlighted a lack of infrastructure for data collection,Continue Reading

The UN Special Representative for Somalia informed the Security Council on Wednesday that while progress has been made in the country’s electoral process, it has been gradual and uneven.  James Swan applauded the conclusion of the indirect elections for Somalia’s Federal Parliament’s Upper House, which began in July, and theContinue Reading

On Thursday in Gaborone, Botswana’s government and the United Nations (UN) adopted a UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, which will drive the country’s economy for the next five years.  Inequality, sustainable use and management of varied natural resources, climate change mitigation, and food security are all intended to be addressedContinue Reading

UN’s deputy secretary-general emphasised the “critical importance” of peace and security in Africa, thanking ambassadors in the Security Council for helping the UN raise awareness about the issue and how all Member States can work with the African Union and other regional and sub-regional organisations to make lives safer across the continent.  Amina Mohammed,Continue Reading

The Zimbabwean government and the United Nations have signed the Zimbabwe United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for the years 2022-2026, which will aid the country’s efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr. Misheck Sibanda, and UN Resident Coordinator Maria Ribeiro presidedContinue Reading

Climate change led to rising food insecurity, poverty, and displacement in Africa last year, according to a report released on Tuesday by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and partners.  The State of the Climate in Africa 2020 report underlines Africa’s disproportionate vulnerability, but it also demonstrates how investing in climateContinue Reading

The European Union Military Training Mission in Mozambique was launched today by the Council (EUTM Mozambique). The operation will provide training and capacity building to the Mozambican military forces to help them respond more quickly and effectively to the crisis in Cabo Delgado region.  EUTM MOZ will go live asContinue Reading

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres detailed the events in Morocco’s southern regions in the Moroccan Sahara in his last report to the UN Security Council.  Dakhla port and the Tiznit-Dakhla highway infrastructure project were included in the report as development projects.  In recent years, Morocco has begun a slew of development projects in its southern provinces,Continue Reading

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on people’s lives and livelihoods. However, it has sparked important scientific research that has resulted in the world receiving a vaccine in record speed and has pushed genetic sequencing to the forefront of pandemic response.  Thanks to genomic sequencing, the world quickly identified theContinue Reading