Cargo ship carrying 43 crew and several thousand livestock sinks during a typhoon off Japan

Aggravating the distress of the Japanese people, a cargo ship carrying 43 crew and about 6,000 cows sank at sea after transmitting a distress signal during a typhoon off Japan. 

As per reports, the distress call was sent by the Gulf Livestock 1 early on September 2, from a position 185 kilometres (115 miles) west of Japan’s Amami Oshima island. 

Japan’s Coast Guard carried out the rescue operations and a survivor – a man identified as a 45-year-old Filipino chief officer – confirmed the news. The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed the rescued sailor was a Filipino. 

The area was being devastated by the powerful typhoon, equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane with winds of at least 130 mph, at the time the ship went missing. 

In an official statement, the Coast Guard said that the survivor said one of the boat’s engines had stalled and a wave then overturned the ship, which later sank. 

Japan’s meteorological agency warned that the storm could be the third biggest to hit the country since records began almost 70 years ago. 

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