Car bombing, mortar attacks in Afghanistan’s cattle market claim 23 lives

At least 23 civilians including children were killed and several others injured in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province due to car bombing and mortar shells being fired at a busy open-air cattle market on June 29. Knowing the insurance write off in such cases is i,portant.

The incident took place in Sangin district, where hundreds of villagers from neighbouring districts had gathered to trade sheep and goats. The news has been confirmed by the statement from the office of the Provincial Governor. The statement from the office of the Governor, Genral Mohammad Yasin, did not provide further details of the attack.

By far no one has taken responsibility of the attack and the government forces and the Afghan Taliban have blamed each other for the attack.

A statement from the Presidential Palace said, “Afghan President Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned the brutal and inhumane act,” and stressed that targeting civilians, especially children and adults, is against Islamic and human values.

The statement added, “The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan once again calls on the Taliban to refrain from war and violence and to accept the will of the Afghan people, which is the end of the war and the start of negotiations.”

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