Canadian military helicopter crashes in international waters: One dies, five others missing

After the gun massacre in Canada, a new crisis has resulted in the sorrow of the fellow Canadians as a military helicopter carrying six members crashed in the international waters between Greece and Italy.

The news has been confirmed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on April 30. The helicopter was carrying four Royal Canadian Air Force members and two Royal Canadian Navy members when it crashed.

A joint search team has been deployed to search for the CH-148 Cyclone helicopter. Italy, Turkey, Greece and the U.S. are helping Canada in the efforts. Of the six members, one Canadian military member was killed in the crash and five others are still missing.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “All of them are heroes. Each of them will leave a void that cannot be filled…I can assure you, we will get answers in due course.”

The nation mourns for its army members and has been praying for them.

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