Cameroon faces leadership crisis

At the time of crisis, it is the words of assurance from the supreme leader that comforts the distressed citizens of any country, but the already crisis-hit people of Cameroon have not been comforted even with the same.

President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, 87, has come under criticism for his long-time absence from the national stage even if the country is the second worst affected nation after South Africa in the African continent.

By far, President Paul Biya is yet to address the country that his critics witness as a complete failure on the leader’s part.

In his absence, Malachie Manaouda, Health Minister of Cameroon, has been main man in the crisis. On behalf of the government, Manaouda has been providing updates of the government and the measures being taken to tackle the COVID-19 crisis through his frequent tweets.

Apart from it, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on March 13 announced measures such as closing borders and a ban on rallies, which have been extended.

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