Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea agrees to map out disputed border area

Over rising cases of violence in the region, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea have agreed to jointly map out a disputed border area.

The clashes between the forces of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea has left several wounded and property destroyed. Officials from both the country met on June 8 in a crisis meeting and agreed to work on defining their disputed border. The officials instructed the local officials and traditional rulers of both countries to map out a proposed border.

Cameroon’s South Region Governor Felix Nguele Nguele said in the past two weeks there have been several skirmishes along the border with Equatorial Guinea’s military. He added that there was no fatality in the incidents but several troops were wounded, and goods were destroyed on both sides of the border.

Officials from the two countries are asking hundreds of traders and farmers who relocated because of the clashes to return to the disputed area. Some of the relocated traders and farmers are reluctant to return.

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