Burning solid waste damaging the health of “tens of millions” of people worldwide: Study

Noting that unsafe management and disposal practices are widespread, a major global review warned that burning solid waste is harming the health of “tens of millions” of people across the globe.

Having found evidences of immunological and developmental impairments and potential reproductive abnormalities mainly caused by emissions from open burning, the Global Review on Safer End of Engineered Life study revealed that half a billion metric tons (24 per cent) of all the municipal solid waste generated on the planet is not collected and a further 27 per cent is mismanaged following collection, much of which is disposed of by open burning. 

William Powrie, chair of the Engineering X Safer End of Engineered Life program said, “There is no doubt that the handling of humanity’s waste and its impact on health and safety should be much higher up the global agenda.”

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Makl%C3%A1r,_cemetery_solid_waste_burning_2017.jpg