Britain set to begin a new chapter after securing a hard-fought post-Brexit deal

After having fought a hard post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union as EU envoys awaited a briefing on an accord reached after months of negotiations, Britain is all set to begin a new chapter. 

In a video message late December 24, Prime Minister Boris Johnson vaunted the hundreds of pages of text as a “good deal for the whole of Europe” and a “present” for Britain.

Beginning January 1, the country, avoiding a baggage of tariffs and quotas, will now not tumble off a trade “cliff-edge” but major changes are still inevitable as the UK definitively leaves the EU’s single market and free movement with the bloc coming to an end after nearly half a century of integration.

It must be noted that since after formally leaving the EU on January 31 this year, Britain had been in a standstill transition period still subject to the bloc’s rules.

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