Brandenburg, Germany is set to build Europe’s first Lithium Hydroxide Converter

In Guben, Brandenburg, Rock Tech Lithium Inc., a cleantech firm with headquarters in Canada and Germany, plans to construct Europe’s first lithium converter, a production unit for battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

At the Guben site, the business plans to consolidate all lithium refining production stages into a single facility. The investment choice for all production processes is still subject to ongoing negotiations about subsidies that have been sought for or that have still to be applied for, among other things. The region provides the finest circumstances for becoming a central component of the battery value chain and hence a member of Brandenburg’s e-mobility cluster, thanks to its strong industrial tradition and existing infrastructure.

The total investment volume planned for all industrial units at the Guben site is up to 470 million euros. Around 160 technicians, engineers, and production workers would be on-site once the plant is fully operational. They would create roughly 24,000 metric tonnes of lithium hydroxide per year if they worked together. This would be the amount of lithium-ion batteries required to outfit about 500,000 electric cars.

Rock Tech Lithium has acquired land in the Guben South industrial park, which will serve as the foundation for the planned converter building. The location, which is around twelve hectares in size, provides ample room for the construction of facilities for all individual lithium refining manufacturing processes. A prospective rail connection will improve an already excellent traffic connection.

For the planning and approval process, Rock Tech Lithium will seek close collaboration with authorities, specialists, and local stakeholders. In 2024, the converter is expected to begin operations. Production will be powered by locally sourced renewable energy. Rock Tech will make a cash payment to the property owners totalling 1,130,877€ no later than six (6) months from the date of the agreement to acquire the site. Rock Tech has an arm’s length relationship with the property owners.

According to the EU Commission, European lithium demand for e-car batteries will increase 18-fold by 2030 and 60-fold by 2050. As a result, a reliable and sustainable raw material supply is becoming a crucial component for the automobile sector.