Botswana tackles the poaching crisis, kills five suspected poachers

Animal welfare and security has been a major concern in today’s world as cases of poaching has raised recently.

The passing year has witnessed an unprecedented rise in rhinoceros poaching by Botswana. Botswana’s security forces have said five suspected poachers were killed in two incidents recently. Most of the poachers are reported to be from neighbouring Namibia and Zambia.

Per the reports provided by the government of Botswana, in the last 10 months, nearly 50 rhinoceros have been killed that accounts for one-tenth of the country’s rhino population.

The report added that the black rhino population faces threat of extinction by the end of next year as just a few dozen remain.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi said, “There are serious problems of poaching. Poachers do not bear a spear or a knobkerrie, or a knife, like some of those who break into households”. He added, “Poachers bear sophisticated arms, and poachers are sufficiently radicalized to kill. So, they are dangerous. We put an army in place to defend this country, so any intruder is an enemy. And unfortunately, as with any war, there are casualties”. 

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