Botswana government emphasises on public data collection amidst COVID-19 pandemic

The Botswana government is emphasizing data collection at public and private business places as a key measure in the fight against the pandemic.

On the official Twitter hand, the government posted an advisory to remind outfits of their “data collection responsibilities”. The advisory has been titled as, “Advisory on registration details required across all business sector entry points”.

The government of Botswana advisory read that all organizations must “… ensure and safeguard personal visitors/customers information in COVID-19 registers for purpose of contact tracing”. The data collection form will have the requisite details like the full name, contact details, date of their visit, temperature readings, etc. Only an authorized official is supposed to make entries and anyone found in unlawful possession of the register risks a fine (5,000 Pula), a jail term (12 months), or both.

Photo Credit :,_President_of_the_Republic_of_Botswana.jpg

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