Border tension between India and China would affect regional instability, says Russia

At an online media briefing, Russian Deputy Chief of Mission Roman Babushkin, on November 12 said that any escalation in the border tension between India and China would further trigger regional instability in Eurasia.

Reiterating the same, he said, “It is clear that amid global turbulence and unpredictability, escalation between India and China would further affect regional instability in our common home Eurasia. The escalation we are witnessing can be misused by other players in their geo-political purposes.” Noting that it was “very important” for both the nations to engage more in “constructive dialogue”, he said that Russia is naturally concerned over the tensions between the two Asian powers.

Adding further, he stated, “We feel it is very important to encourage both our friendly Asian countries to be more engaged in constructive dialogue. Recent news about their commitment to exercise restraint and continue communication through diplomatic and military channels to remove tensions are absolutely welcoming developments.”

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