Bobi Wine arrested by Ugandan Police

Bobi Wine was arrested by the Ugandan Police after it was confirmed that he will stand for the Presidential Elections next year. “They (police) used a hammer and broke the windows of his vehicle and forcefully dragged him out … they bundled him into their own vehicle and took off,” Joel Senyonyi, spokesman for the National Unity Party, said, adding he did not know why Wine was arrested. 

Wine’s official twitter account said he was “violently arrested” outside the nomination venue and has been “brutalised by police and military.” 

In a speech after being cleared to run for president but before he was arrested, Wine said he aimed to “save Museveni from himself”. 

“To you Mr Museveni, since you have failed to control your greed and lust for power, our generation is determined to save you from yourself and stop your 35-year-old dictatorship,” he said. 

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