Belarus and Ecuador to cooperate with Non- Aligned Movement and UN

In a recent conclave over the economic and political welfare, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus stepped forward to discuss the expansion and cooperation in the UN and Non-Aligned Movement, with Ecuador Igor Poluyan and the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador Javier Lasso. The collective effort came after the discussion on bringing strong economic ties, interstate dialogue and further expansion in terms of trade and commerce. The two parties have positively shared their interest to work under the shed of UN and Non Aligned Movement, calling it a massive step towards the economic stability between the nations.
According to official sources, the delegates of the countries have decided to export the services and sources, like potash fertilizers account for a considerable part of Belarus’ export to Ecuador. Other than this, Belarus will start supplying vehicles to Ecuador in the near future. Still, Igor Poluyan believes it is necessary to be realistic.
Being one of the active members of the movement, they have adhered the principals and ethics that constitutes the movement. Both the organizations welcomed their initiative and looking forward to stabilize the member states and their urge towards development.
The Republic of Belarus joined the Non-Aligned Movement in 1998. Since then and until the NAM’ XVI Ministerial Conference (May 2011, Indonesia), Belarus was the only European Member State in the Movement. Therefore, in the pursuit of its national interests, the collaboration with Ecuador will serve both the countries meeting economic goals and global agendas affecting different domains of interests. The economic talks between the nations went on to explore major areas to have a gist of every sector they can be benefited. The diplomats also considered the development of scientific, technological and educational cooperation, and the implementation of joint economic projects.
NAM has always been at the top of the plinth in maintaining good relations between its member states. It has always accentuated over the overall advancement for the better economic structure. Welcoming the positive approach between the nations and urge to spread the cooperation around its member states, categorically NAM is successively communicating with both the countries for their economic, political and scientific plans. To promote its major foreign policy initiatives, like recognition of the diversity of ways towards progressive development, establishment of global partnerships, fight against human trafficking, and some others, Belarus always relied on NAM. NAM’s strategic documents, like, Outcome Documents of the XV Summit (Egypt, 2009), the XVI Ministerial Conference (Indonesia, 2011), the Ministerial meeting of the NAM Coordinating Bureau (Egypt, 2012), and the Movement’s XVI Summit (Iran, 2012) are some of the events that reflect the initiatives of Belarus.
Earlier, the fall of 2004, Belarus effectively used NAM’s potential at the UN General Assembly to defeat (for the first time ever-in UN history) the US-sponsored and Western-backed draft resolution that targeted Belarus.
The armed conflicts and wars around the world have left many nations battling for a secured life. The early signs of warfare have still been threatening various nations around the world. Since terrorism is trying to get control over the resources, the countries have brought the issues in the summits and conferences. On this, NAM affirmed that they have been planning towards a tough framework of anti-violence programs to initiate peace building in the society and promoting the message of arms disarmament. The interconnected nexus of global problems in the world have made the situation more complex to survive.
The collaboration is expected to bring new resolutions towards fulfilling the fundamental requirements of the sectors and the possible exchange of services and benefit. According to the confrontation between the nations, the plans seem to bring huge facelift for better future.

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