Beginning Thursday midnight, South Africa to enter 21-day lockdown

Beginning Thursday midnight, March 26, South Africa will be entering into a 21-day complete lockdown, in order to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus and stop the country’s rising number of Coronavirus cases that have reported 709 confirmed cases so far, the highest in the Continent.

A vast majority of African nations have confirmed cases of deadly Coronavirus. So far, at least 1,788 cases have been reported from across the continent. There have been at least 58 deaths reported from Africa while no confirmed deaths have been reported from South Africa.

Officials have urged the people to avoid any kind of non-essential travels and go out only for essential needs. Agriculture Minister Thoko Didiza, in a move to discourage mass hoarding of food, has announced that the country has an adequate food supply for the duration when it is in complete lockdown.

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