Bangladesh’s Massive Success Despite Turmoil in 50 Years is Praised by the United Nations

The United Nations commended Bangladesh’s great achievements over the last 50 years, despite the upheaval, and pledged to support the country on its challenging path ahead. 

On the eve of Victory Day, heads of 17 UN agencies wrote to Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, asserting that Bangladesh had journeyed a long and difficult path from new nationhood, devastated by war and famine, to its undeniable influence as a UN member state on the verge of LDC graduation, sheltering 900,000 Rohingya refugees. 

Bangladesh’s successes in human development, particularly in maternal and child mortality, immunization, school enrollment, and other social indices, despite its low per capita GDP, have made it a model for other countries to follow. In the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, this was well-recognized. 

The UN has been a partner of Bangladesh for five decades, and Bangladesh has been an active member of the UN since 1974, helping to influence the UN’s development and peacekeeping efforts. Bangladesh was an early supporter of the UN Development System Reforms, contributing to the Resident Coordinator system’s Special Purpose Trust Fund.  

It has been a strong supporter of multilateralism, climate justice, and least developed countries. Bangladesh was a co-sponsor of the UN General Assembly’s unanimous adoption of the Culture of Peace resolution in 1999. It is presently one of the most important troop contributors to UN peacekeeping missions. 

The UN family in Bangladesh celebrates the nation’s successes and honors the heritage of sacrifices that took the country to where it is now on the eve of Bangladesh’s 50th anniversary of independence. 

The road ahead is long and challenging. The country must recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to meet the 2030 Agenda’s goals of leaving no one behind, improving gender equality, eradicating poverty, and becoming a developed nation. The UN in Bangladesh is dedicated to assisting the Bangladesh government in achieving these lofty goals at every step of the road. 

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