Bangladesh situation emerge as “risky” amidst COVID-19

Bangladesh is viewed as the new hotspot for the spread of the novel coronavirus and the country has been declared as “risky” for the spread by the authorities in concern.

DGHS Director General Prof Dr. Abul Kalam Azad signed an order that stated, “The entire Bangladesh has been declared as a risky area of infection (of COVID-19) as per the Section 11 (1) of the Infectious Disease (Prevention, Control and Elimination) Act, 2018”.

The authorities have advised people to stay at home so as to stem the spread of the COVID-19. Referring to the directives of World Health Organization (WHO), the order also said that specific social distancing from one person to another is only means for curbing the outbreak of COVID-19.

The order understanding the limitations at hand stated, “No vaccine is yet to be developed to this end. So, social distancing should be followed properly to halt the spread of the pandemic”.

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