Bangladesh receives an additional $13.5 million from the Asian Development Bank to improve irrigation

Bangladesh will get $13.5 million in extra project loans from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to modernize its irrigation system.

The loan will be used to improve large-scale irrigation scheme management, operation, and maintenance, as well as to safeguard agricultural lands from flooding.

The existing $46 million Irrigation Management Improvement Project will be scaled up. On Thursday, the Bangladeshi government signed agreements with the Asian Development Bank in this regard.

The loan agreements were virtually signed by Fatima Yasmin, secretary of the Economic Relations Division (ERD), and EdimonGinting, ADB Country Director, on behalf of Bangladesh and the financial institution, respectively.

The project will re-excavate nearly 400 kilometers of canal drainage and rebuild 17 kilometers of coastal embankment.

It plans to expand the Muhuri irrigation system’s dry-season irrigation area by 60% to 18,000 hectares by 2024.

From 3 tonnes/ha in 2013, the average yield of irrigated winter paddy (boro) is predicted to grow to 4 tonnes/ha in 2014.

At least 2% of women will be employed as pump operators, 5% as mobile water unit vendors, and 5% as construction workers as a result of the project. By promoting increased flood protection, reservoir management, and water usage efficiency, the assistance helps to improve climate resilience.

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