Bangladesh garment workers suffering as Western brands cancel orders

The Union leaders have urged the government of Bangladesh to intervene as at least 10,000 garment workers have been sacked in the country with Western brands cancelling orders because of the lockdown pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.

The cancelled or suspended orders have been valued to more than $3 billion.

Kalpona Akter, Founder of the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity said, “We found at least 10,000 workers from 37 factories who lost their jobs. The actual situation could be worse. These workers won’t get jobs anywhere else for the next two to three months. The factories must take them back and the government needs to ensure this”.

Speaking of the steps taken by the government, K.M. Ali Azam, Secretary of the Employment Ministry said, “We will assess the report and take the required steps to protect our workers”. In addition, to aid the export sector pay its workers, the government of Bangladesh has announced a $588 million package. The labour union claims the sum not to be enough.

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