Sri Lanka’s Bank of Ceylon, the state-owned bank, and the China Development Bank have entered into a long-term treaty on June 30. The confirmation about the agreement has been made through a joint statement released by the Bank of Ceylon and the China Development Bank. According to the joint statement,Continue Reading

Several towns of Kenya have been ravaged by locust attack that has exploded in East Africa and the Red Sea region in late 2019. It has been aggravated by atypical weather patterns and amplified by climate change. Swarms of locusts flew west from Yemen, and in 2020 reached Kenya, SomaliaContinue Reading

Drowning has been one of the major causes of injury related death in Vietnam. In the latest of the incident, while swimming in a river, three school going girls drowned in Vietnam’s central Ha Tinh province on June 30. Local authorities confirmed that the three victims, who were all sixContinue Reading

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon the world’s economy in general and the jobs sector in particular has been quite hefty. The UN, on June 30, said that the pandemic has taken a much heavier toll on jobs than previously feared. In a fresh study, the International Labour OrganisationContinue Reading

The presence of foreign mercenaries in Libya has been strongly criticised as well as condemned by the European Union (EU) Delegation to Libya. The EU condemnation came on July 1. The European Union (EU) Delegation to Libya also called on all Libyan and regional players to make efforts to liftContinue Reading

An explosion has occurred in a medical clinic in the north of the Iranian capital Tehran on June 30 that has resulted in the death of nineteen people. Apart from those killed, six others have been injured in the attack. Officials informed that the medical clinic, which had 25 employeesContinue Reading

In the wake of the devastating attack of the locusts in the South Asia, that has already augmented the woes of the framers of India and Pakistan, Nepal too is experiencing worst infestation in decades. The destructive swarms of locusts have devastated agricultural heartlands in South Asia, and is nowContinue Reading

In lieu with their commitment to end the conflict in Syria, the Astana Summit will be held via video conference on July 1 that will be attended by leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran. The news has been confirmed by the Turkish Presidency via an official statement. As a complementaryContinue Reading

Pertaining to the recent revelation of a scandal in Pakistan that brought to the surfaced the black truth of Pakistan’s aviation industry, revealing that nearly a third of Pakistani pilots had cheated on their pilot exams, the Pakistan International Airlines will not be allowed to fly into most of EuropeContinue Reading

The prediction for the Asian economy has been revised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on June 30. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic fallout, the IMF has revised down its projection with a 1.6 percent contraction in 2020. In a blog post, Chang Yong Rhee, Director of theContinue Reading