AU condemns the term extension by Somalian President

The African Union has condemned the extension of the term of Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. 

The AU  expressed deep concern over the unilateral action by Somalia’s House of the People on 12 April 2021, of passing a resolution signed into law on 13 April 2021 by the President, superseding the 17 September 2020 Agreement on modalities for the conduct of elections in Somalia; AU condemned the actions of 12 April 2021 by the House of People, which extended the mandate of the President and the Parliament, as effectively delaying the elections, thereby undermining unity and stability of the country, the nascent democratic and constitutional processes, which also threaten the relative peace and security, as well as the important gains that Somalia has made over the years with the support of the AU and other partners with huge sacrifices; The AU further expressed deep concern with the possible impact of the current political situation and climate on the cohesion of the Somali federation, the unity of the Somali army and security apparatuses, the process of force generation and the capability to continue to degrade Al Shabaab.

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