At World Climate Summit, UN General Secretary says planet on red alert

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said his address to the virtual climate summit convened by United States President Joe Biden said that “ we need a green planet — but the world is on red alert.” 

The UN Secretary General said: We are at the verge of the abyss.  We must make sure the next step is in the right direction.   

Leaders everywhere must take action.   

First, by building a global coalition for net-zero emissions by mid-century – every country, every region, every city, every company and every industry. 

Second, by making this a decade of transformation. All countries – starting with major emitters – should submit new and more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions for mitigation, adaptation and finance, laying out actions and policies for the next 10 years aligned with a 2050 net-zero pathway.  

Third, we need to translate those commitments into concrete, immediate action. 

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