At least 11 killed, dozens wounded in twin blasts in Philippines

In twin blasts in Sulu province, southern Philippines, that took place around noon on August 24, the military confirmed that at least 11 people lost their lives while dozens were wounded. Adding further, the military added that a female suicide bomber also died in the blasts.

In an initial report released by the military, it said that the first explosion took place around noon in front of a grocery store along a busy street in Jolo, the capital of Sulu province while the other one happened about an hour later at 1 pm, just 100 metres away.

As per the military, it suspects Mundi Sawadjaan behind the twin blasts that happened today. The same one is behind the explosion at a Catholic church in Jolo that took place in January 2019 and had claimed at least 19 lives.

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