As Schools in Zimbabwe are gradually opening, teachers say they will boycott class

On September 28, schools in Zimbabwe were opened after six months. However, tchers say they’re embarking on strike and won’t be in class. 

One of the country’s largest teachers’ unions, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PUTC), said the government must increase teachers’ salaries before they enter classrooms. 

Zimbabwe’s teachers currently receive a total of 11,000 Zimbabwe dollars, or R1,710 a month, including COVID-19 allowances. 

PTUZ Secretary-General Raymon Majongwe said, “as far as we are concerned, teachers cannot simply turn up for duty because they don’t have money.” 

“You can’t go and sell your goats, your sheep, your chickens to go to your workstation where you are not going to get the same return. We are simply saying to the government, we are not fighting you, we are not against you, but give us what we’re worth. We are professionals worth the dignity and worth the respect. We can’t become a laughing stock in the region.  

The union leader also said many Zimbabwe teachers have died because of the stress of not being able to make ends meet. 

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